Max Life Webinar

Start On: 4/8/2014 11:00:00 AM
End On: 4/8/2014 12:00:00 PM

Back To Basics - The Longevity Diet

7:00PM EST – Register online at www.maximizedliving.com/webinars

The Fuel To Live To 100

Cultures that are known for their longevity eat very differently than the standard North American does. Did you know that the quality of the fuel you put into your body helps determine how well it runs? If you eat poorly, your body will only last so long before it breaks down.

Join Dr. David Erb as he shares the keys to getting back to basics with natural and easy to follow nutrition plans that help build longevity.

  • Learn the secrets of the healthiest people on the planet
  • Discover the secret to dramatically slowing the aging process
  • Find the fountain of youth for your brain
  • Learn the steps to virtually eliminating degenerative disease

Dr. David Erb has a passion for serving that is leading him to change the way health is viewed and delivered as a Partner of Maximized Living. He is a passionate, internationally sought after speaker who provides an open environment of hope to patients from 1 day to 100 years old in his and his wife Kimberly’s practice in Coppell, TX.


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